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Hire Back Ratios + Other Fast Facts

Hire Back Rates keyboard_arrow_down

As you can see from our ratio tables, for the past few years, we’ve hired back approximately half of our articling students and one hundred percent of our summer students have been offered full articles.

This rate can change depending upon our needs.  We were very pleased to hire back all 5 of our 2017/18 students as associates.

This rate can also change for other reasons.  For example, some of our students become interested in working on the other side of files, for the Crown or Department of Justice.  Others decide to focus on an area of law that is not part of our primary service, or decide to work in-house at an organization such as the BC Securities Commission.  If a student decides not to stay with our firm, we will do our best to connect him or her to a suitable employer before the end of the articling year.

The long-term fit between you and us is another reason this rate can change.  We like to ensure good matches on both sides, for the benefit of your career and our firm.  This selectiveness may mean we sometimes don’t hire back all of our students, but when we do, we’re extremely committed to their career.

Summer Student Hire Back Ratios keyboard_arrow_down

This table represents the ratio of our summer students that were invited to return for full articles with our firm.  In the past few years, every summer student has received an offer for full articles.

2012 2 of 2
2013 2 of 2
2014 2 of 2
2015 2 of 2
2016 3 of 3
2017 3 of 3
Articling Student Hire Back Ratios keyboard_arrow_down
2011-2013 3 of 5
2012-2013 3 of 5
2013-2014 3 of 6
2014-2015 2 of 6
2015-2016 3 of 6
2016-2017 3 of 5
2017-2018 5 of 5
2018 Female to Male Ratios keyboard_arrow_down
Female Male
Partners 9 18
Associate Counsel 1 6
Associates 14 14
Students 7  1
2018 Partner to Associate Ratios keyboard_arrow_down

We currently have 27 partners, 7 associate counsel and 28 associates.

Universities keyboard_arrow_down

While we typically host events at local law schools and are involved locally in recruiting efforts, we hire from law schools across the country and beyond.  Our current complement of lawyers and students attended the following universities:

  • Dalhousie University
  • Queen’s University
  • Thomson Rivers University
  • University of Alberta
  • University of Birmingham
  • University of British Columbia
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Edinburgh, UK
  • University of London, UK
  • University of Manitoba
  • University of Saskatchewan
  • University of Toronto
  • University of Victoria
  • University of Western Ontario
  • York University
A Tradition of Excellence keyboard_arrow_down

Over the course of its more than 100 year history, many of Harper Grey’s lawyers have received Queen’s Counsel and judicial appointments in recognition of their leadership, professional excellence and community involvement.  Examples of judicial appointments from among our lawyers include:

  • The Honourable Christopher E. Hinkson, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Peter M. Willcock of the Court of Appeal of British Columbia;
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice Allan D.Thackray of the Court of Appeal of British Columbia;
  • The Honourable Madam Justice Kathryn E. Neilson of the Court of Appeal of British Columbia;
  • The Honourable Madam Justice Laura B. Gerow of the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
  • The Honourable Mr. Justice G. Bruce Butler of the Supreme Court of British Columbia;
  • and most recently The Honourable Barbara J. Norell of the Supreme Court of British Columbia.

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