Clients tell us that what sets us apart from other firms is a commitment to innovation, expertise and empathy.


The right decisions require innovative legal thinking and hard work.

You are not an average client. Why would you settle for an average law firm? We think strategically about your particular situation, and discuss the case with you and others in the firm without wasting time.

Innovation also applies to client communication, related services, billing arrangements and follow up. We talk to clients about their preferences. We're not afraid to do things differently if it makes sense.


Applying firm expertise to your advantage.

Legal matters often span more than one area of law. For example, employment law might involve contracts and human rights, or a merger may involve shareholder agreements, employment law and real estate negotiations.

We consult considerable internal and external experts to fully investigate all angles of your case, and collaborate to get the answers you need.

Expertise also means giving you straight advice. Some lawyers might postulate and protect their interests, or give you advice you cannot decipher. We don't have time for that - and you probably don't either.

We promise to resolve legal problems efficiently and cost-effectively. Whether this means handling your issue quickly and privately, attending court or a hearing and then negotiating a settlement, or proceeding to trial and appealing decisions because the stakes are so high, we will do what it takes to resolve the issues at hand.

We will also interpret the implications of each decision and involve you in as much (or as little) of the process as you would like, every step of the way.


While empathy may sound like a touchy-feely concept, it's crucial for lawyers to understand and remember what is at stake for their clients.

Legal problems can cause incredible strain; being empathetic means that we will carefully answer all your questions and listen to what you have to say.

We find out what is at risk to you personally, professionally and for your business or organization. We never lose sight of this from the very first call to the resolution of your matter.