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Thank you for your interest in learning more about starting your career with us. The firm you choose for summer and full articles sets the stage for your career. It’s as important for you to find the right place to learn as it is for us to hire the right students — we are looking for students that will grow with us and become the future leaders of our firm.

Harper Grey hires four summer students each year. We will be participating in the January 2021 summer student recruitment process and hiring four summer students for Summer 2021.

Our normal practice is to also hire two additional articling students – for a total of six students in each articling cohort. However, our student roster is full for the 2021-22 articling year with returning students and clerks. As such, we will not be participating in the October 2020 articling student recruitment process. We expect to return to our normal practice and participate in the August 2021 recruitment process, hiring two additional articling students for 2022-23 articling cohort.