• Your Qualities

    We expect that you will have excellent academic qualifications.  We could also set out a long list of attributes that you should possess including a commitment to excellence, integrity, a strong work ethic, curiosity, sound judgment, drive, enthusiasm, patience, a good sense of humour.

    And while – yes – we are hoping that you possess all of those attributes, we are looking for something more.  It is the quality that is toughest to measure and judge. We are looking for summer and articling students who fit within our firm culture.  We want to hire students that will continue with us beyond their articles. Students we can envision as colleagues.

    During the interview process, our approach to finding out whether you have that intangible “something more” is to find out as much as we can about you. What you are hoping to achieve? What are your big picture career objectives? What makes you unique? What interests and inspires you?

    Your question, of course, is how can you stand out?  How can you make our decision easy for us? The answer is for you to demonstrate your unique strengths. Tell us about your skills – but show us your character. Tell us about your passions. Show us that you possess that unique blend of entrepreneurial spirit and superior analytical abilities.

  • Our Culture

    Our lawyers are strong, independent personalities and self-starters who have thrived in a firm with the freedom to express themselves. This quality – a highly cohesive team made up of distinctive individuals – is a valued trait of our firm.  It also contributes to the new ideas and innovative thinking that drives our success.

    Our firm brings together a truly diverse group of lawyers from different educational, professional and personal backgrounds to work closely alongside one another. The team approach that we employ and the high degree of interaction between our lawyers fosters strong rapport and genuine camaraderie.

    At Harper Grey we’ve built our reputation not only through the outstanding ability and expertise of our lawyers, but also through the way we communicate with our clients, forming solid relationships.

    At our firm, law is very much about people. Our lawyers are highly approachable and collegial.

  • Hire Back Decisions + Timing – Summer Students

    We hire 4 summer students per year.

    Hire back decisions are made taking into consideration our needs and your performance, potential and compatibility.

    Invitations to join us for full articles are extended to successful students in June.

  • Hire Back Decisions + Timing – Articling Students

    We hire 6 articling students each year for full articles. This allows each student to have the right workload and enables us to provide you with a high quality experience.

    Both you and the firm will have a good idea as to whether Harper Grey is the right fit for you before the end of your articling year.

    The decision to hire an articling student as an associate is made taking into consideration our needs and what you want. It is a decision made in consultation with all of the partners in the firm and takes into account your performance, potential and compatibility.

    Invitations to join us as an associate are extended to successful students approximately two months before the students’ call date.

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