Jackson Robinson

Director of Technology

Jackson is an enthusiastic technology and people leader.


With over twenty years of experience connecting enterprise technology with people to achieve business goals, Jackson prides himself on enhancing business processes. He has had repeated success in leading various agile teams to deliver strategic innovative solutions that are aligned with the corporate strategy. Jackson is continuously on the lookout for emerging technologies that can drive operational efficiencies to bring the team, and the company forward.

Jackson always credits a large part of his success to his team. He is passionate about creating a collaborative and engaging work environment and motivating people to deliver successful business outcomes by optimizing technology. He achieves this by fostering trust, as well as building a mentoring culture within the team.

Prior to joining Harper Grey, Jackson was responsible for managing one of Western Canada’s largest networks. This included providing secure and high-speed internet connectivity for tens of millions of people per year, in a 24 x 7 x 365 operating environment. He is also an ambassador for ensuring cybersecurity best practices are followed.

In his spare time, Jackson enjoys doing fun side projects. Some examples include building liquid-cooled computers, designing and building home audio equipment, and working on cars.

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