Family Law

Family law matters affect the core of our most professional and intimate relationships. Some are quite straightforward. Many others involve complicated disputes that can take a toll on our mental and physical well-being, and the well-being of our children, extended family and friends.

No matter how straightforward or complex, each family law situation we help with is unique, as is yours. We will treat it that way. Choosing Harper Grey’s family law team puts you in good hands.

With decades of experience behind us, our family law team knows you want complete information and all of your considerations explored. We take the time to understand your needs, to clearly and fully explain your options, and then help you to explore how each will affect you, your family and your finances – now and in the future. In short, we give you the power to make well-informed choices.

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Family Law Services

We help clients in myriad ways. On any given day at Harper Grey, you will find us:

  • drafting agreements on marriage and cohabitation, parenting and division of assets
  • representing clients at every step of the litigation process, including appearing at judicial case conferences and at necessary court appearances up to and including trial
  • talking to accountants, real estate appraisers, business valuators and financial planners on behalf of our clients
  • sharing ideas and experiences with one another to resolve issues more effectively, and consulting Harper Grey colleagues from related practices such as conveyancing, wills and estates

  • representing clients in the collaborative law process
  • attending mediations with clients
  • acting for clients on a limited retainer basis – for example, restricting our involvement to specific tasks requested such as drafting key documents, or appearing to present their argument
  • mediating disputes – our family law group chair, Maureen Lundell, KC is a qualified and experienced family law mediator

Practice Group Partners

Erin Hatch* Partner
Maureen L. A. Lundell, KC Partner
John P. Sullivan* Partner
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Types of matters we handle

Legal issues arising from separation and divorce. When relationships break down, our family law team helps clients resolve:


  • custody and parenting arrangements;
  • child and spousal support disputes;
  • claims to business interests;
  • the manner in which assets should be valued and distributed;
  • competing claims, such as those relating to inheritances and assets owned prior to the relationship.

Family law planning. We also handle a range of planning matters at all stages of a family’s life, including:


  • advising on and preparing marriage and cohabitation agreements;
  • protecting personal assets – for example, gifts from parents, pre-existing family trusts, inheritances, and settlement funds from personal injury or employment claims;
  • protecting assets as your situation changes – for example, if a parent remarries or if personal income tax adjustments need to be made;
  • with the help of others at Harper Grey with related expertise, advising on wills, living wills, committeeship, and guardian plans.

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